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Group Tours
Groups are welcome to schedule a tour at Historic Hanna's Town during our regular hours. Guided tours by costumed guides include the reconstructed fort, courthouse/tavern, jail, a late 18th century Conestoga wagon, and the 1802 Klingensmith House. Groups of 20 or more can arrange to see a reenactment of actual court case(s) heard at Hanna's Town between 1773 and 1786. Allow an hour to visit the site and an additional 30 minutes if you choose to see recreated court case(s).

Explore the roots of American democracy and justice at the site of the first English courts west of the Allegheny Mountains. Founded in 1773, Hanna's Town was active in military and political events along the western frontier during the Revolutionary War and reveals the struggles and living conditions of the frontier people. It was attacked and burned in July 1782 by a raiding party of Native Americans and their English allies in one of the final battles of the War.

Groups should be aware that the site is in a rural area, and the facilities are rustic. You might want to consider a rest stop immediately before arriving at Historic Hanna's Town. The comfort station has both men's and women's pit toilets. The log structures allow for limited handicapped access to the first floor of the Tavern; there is a short flight of steps into the Museum Shop but no ramp. The walkways are crushed limestone and can support wheelchairs or those with mobility issues. We are happy to work with you to provide reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of your group

A group of 20 or more will receive the discount price of $4 per person with the tour guide and bus driver being admitted for free. Court re-enactment is a lump sum additional fee of $50, regardless of group size.  Children's groups can arrange special activities for a per-student fee.  For additional information or to schedule a visit, call Joanna at 724-532-1935 x212.