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Star of the West was a title given to Westmoreland County by 18th century German pioneers who regarded it as a "stella" or star as they traveled from eastern Pennsylvania through this region and toward western territories. The 5-pointed star also represents the five counties that were carved from Westmoreland's original boundaries - Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland. This Star reflects our mission to provide a guide through history to a greater understanding of the present and a clearer path to the future.


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02/02/1787      Arthur St. Clair (from Westmoreland County) elected President of Continental Congress.

02/05/1874      Scottdale incorporated.

02/07/1821      William Jack died. He was sheriff in 1782 when Hanna's Town was attacked. He was also one of three donors of the Courthouse property.

02/14/1789      Courthouse and Jail authorized.

2/17/1941        110th Infantry Regiment called up for service in WW II.

02/20/1802      Christopher Truby, one of the founders of Greensburg, died.

02/23/1855      Penn Township incorporated.

02/26/1773      Westmoreland County created by an act of the Penn Proprietary Government.  It was the last county formed by the Penn government and the first one entirely located west of the Allegheny Mountains.

02/26/1773      Hanna's Town named by the Penn Proprietary government to serve as the first county seat. 


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