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Three Centuries of Christmas in America

Saturdays, December 3 & 10 at Historic Hanna's Town

Consider how Christmas changed in America over three centuries.  When people came to America, they brought the traditions from their homeland with them.  However, over time, various customs were borrowed or melded with the practices of others in the neighborhood, and by the latter part of the 19th century, an American tradition of Christmas began to emerge that united various cultural customs.

Tour size is limited, so reservations are recommended (724-532-1935 x210).  You can call the Museum Shop after 10 AM on Saturday to check on availability that day (724-836-1961).

For more info: Three Centuries of Christmas in America


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11/05/1768      Treaty of Fort Stanwix signed —This opened southwestern Pennsylvania to settlement when the Penn Proprietors purchased territory west of the Allegheny Mountains from the Iroquois.  This “New Purchase” made settlement in future Westmoreland County legal for the first time.

11/12/1758      George Washington nearly killed by friendly fire incident in future Westmoreland County

11/20/1922      Boiler Firemen strike leaving the county courthouse and jail with no light or heat.

11/24/1950      Record-breaking snowfall with 31 inches falling over Thanksgiving weekend.

11/29/1980      Walworth plant closed.


 See Today in History for more dates of particular interest to Westmoreland County.

Star of the West was a title given to Westmoreland County by 18th century German pioneers who regarded it as a "stella" or star as they traveled from eastern Pennsylvania through this region and toward western territories. The 5-pointed star also represents the five counties that were carved from Westmoreland's original boundaries - Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland. This Star reflects our mission to provide a guide through history to a greater understanding of the present and a clearer path to the future.